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Project-Based Homeschooling Master Class

In this six-week class, we drill down deeper into the core ideas of mentoring and self-directed learning and help you put those ideas into immediate practice.

“The class can help move you from reading, thinking, and talking about PBH to actively doing it.”

Read full class description and student testimonials HERE.

Summer 2014 Session: June 23-August 2 is now closed for enrollment.

You can sign up to get an early-bird announcement of the next class enrollment HERE. (Dates have not yet been set — sometime in Fall 2014 is probable.)

If you don’t want to wait, get 20 people together and I’ll run a class just for you! E-mail me for more information.

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Summer Seminar 2014: Mentoring PBH Groups

This two-week seminar is for anyone interested in mentoring PBH in groups, whether they are multi-family groups, co-ops, classes, or schools. We’ll be digging deeper into identifying shared interests, creating group projects that allow individual interests to be explored, meetings and critique, and more.

This class will run August 4-August 16 and costs $75.00.

Note: You must have already taken the PBH Master Class in order to take the seminar.

In your paypal notes, please be sure to tell me if you want your class materials sent to a different e-mail than your paypal e-mail. Please note: If you get a receipt from Paypal, you are safely enrolled. You won’t receive any e-mails from me until close to the start of the class. Any questions? E-mail me!

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Free Summer Classes 2014

#1: Journaling Boot & Reboot — June 15-21

Whether you want to journal about PBH, your own meaningful work, start a gratitude habit, or gain insight into your values and goals, you can use this free one-week class to jumpstart a great practice for this summer and beyond. This class is for you but we’ll also talk about how to inspire kids to journal and the best way to support and encourage them while letting them own the process and do it their own way.

You will receive daily emails and access to a class forum where you can ask questions, share experiences, and talk with your classmates.

This is a self-paced class; you can read the emails and do the assignments on whatever schedule works best for you. 

Additional notes:
If you want to use this class to begin PBH journaling, combine it with my posts on journaling, starting here

If you are a PBH Master Class alum and you want to reboot your journaling practice, combine it with the posts from week 1 of the class.

Sign ups for this class are OVER!
An inexpensive paid version of this class will soon be available — watch this page!

#2: Observational Drawing for Families — July 7-July 14

We’ll help you get started building this simple, foundational art skill with your kids. It’s going to be fun, easy, and awesome!

Sign ups for this class are OVER!
An inexpensive paid version of this class will soon be available — watch this page!


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